Change Agents


So, you have decided you need a change.

The family is growing / The children seem to be taking up more space than they used to / Nothing fits and the linen cupboard door is holding back a sea of sheets and towels / You have started to grow your own veggies and it would be really nice to connect the house and the garden / Parties in the garden would be lovely / It’s time to connect more with nature / Getting away to your own holiday slice of Tassie would be great / Working from home is now an option / The eldest has moved in with his partner and the house is awfully quiet …… ?

What is a well-made life to you?

Is it a spot in the morning sun for a cup of tea? Perhaps the view of distant hills and the row of Casuarinas you planted over a decade ago? Is it that you just love arriving at your desk each morning because you enjoy the expansive view and cool south light in your workspace? Or maybe you love the warm tones of timber, the muted sound of diners and the feel of the earthenware bowls at the café that you’ve owned for years. Is it the sound of your daughter practising the piano whilst the sea breeze billows the curtain or the smell of garlic and butter on the stove as you pour a glass of red for your oldest friend?

“We want our buildings to speak to us of whatever we find important and need to be reminded of.” Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness

We would love the opportunity to assist you to create space for more of these moments to occur in daily life, be it at home, your place of work, the business you run. 

Whether you are thinking about re-imagining your existing space or creating something entirely new, we may just be your agents of change.


We would be honoured to help you build the next part of your story. Give us a call or send us an email.
Karryn & Dean