Futago Office

The new office fit-out for graphic design studio Futago, in gorgeous Salamanca on Hobart’s waterfront, was an ideal opportunity to create a playful space whilst carefully considering the pragmatic issues of the existing heritage tenancy alongside the functional needs of the studio.

Designed in close collaboration with our clients, Daniel and Kate, the brief for this project focussed on the incorporation of materials that were already on the site and the use of new materials that would generate very little waste. Deliberately offset against the solid timber and brickwork of the heritage warehouse, the newly built additions are lightweight and fun. Referencing a childlike depiction of a house, the meeting spaces and back-of-house spaces play with the heavy-beamed structure of the roof whilst maximising existing roof lights that add extra light into the space.

Existing fit-out elements were included within the newly configured spaces and given a second (and more exciting) life. A favourite would be the glazing units with new vinyl skins depicting 17th-century agricultural life. These beautiful oversized artworks, printed solely in white, create privacy and interest, injecting pattern and layering into the space and are an example of Futago’s clever use of graphic insertions within built space.

OSB board was chosen to form all the new enclosures. The material is easy to work with, and its random patterning allows off-cut pieces to be joined, much like a puzzle, with no visible join lines, meaning minimum waste. In fact, at the end of the project, only a tiny handful of pieces were left over.

New furniture elements are lightweight and are easily reconfigured, allowing the team flexibility in their working set-up.

This space allows this leading Tasmanian creative business to get on with the business of being creative.


Project Type // Workplace
Client // Futago
Photography by // Adam Gibson