In 2012, we launched our very first product range, The O-Series. This  collection of turned timber handles was the result of an inability to source a timber handle for one of our own architectural projects. We decided to create our own. How hard could that be?

Well. We missed the project deadline and our clients purchased metal pulls in desperation (sorry, and thank you for your patience Anne & Warren). But, we did end up with our first four profiles – the Big O, the Curvy, the Stealth and the Kaboom – which we exhibited at Design:Made:Trade that year and which were (incredibly) featured on The Design Files, here.

Besides wanting a to create a range of timber pulls and handles that we would love to use on our own architectural projects, we decided to further develop the O-Series as we were in awe of the extraordinary talent of our local Tasmanian woodturners. We hoped to re-invigorate interest in this incredible skill which, we felt, was (and still is) being lost.

Woodturning was last taught, in Tasmania, in the 1980s and our crew of wizards are some of the very last of their kind.  We hoped that we could, in a small way, help hold onto a beautiful tradition, by creating a range of contemporary architectural objects that are thoughtfully designed and skilfully crafted, by hand, using beautiful materials.

The O-Series ignited our love for object design and we will be forever grateful for the lessons we have learnt, and massive developmental steps we have taken, within its generous curves. You can find our products here.