Our Approach




Established in 2003, and led by interior designer, Karryn Dargie and architect, Dean Baird, IN-TERIA is, in a sense, an ongoing and ever-evolving conversation, which is continuously informed by our own life experiences, learnings and the projects that we undertake. 

As our name suggests, we are focused on life within ~ mentally, spiritually and physically. We believe that architecture, and design, have the potential to connect body, soul, spirit, landscape, environment and community.  

IN-TERIA has come to represent our own exploration into what it means to have a ‘good life’ or a life well-made ~ as a species, a community and as individuals ~ and how the environments that we intentionally create around ourselves, as humans, can not only satisfy our basic need for shelter and safety but also deeply nurture our souls.


Project // Wooden Boat Festival Event Space
Photography // Jonathan Wherrett